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As your local authorized dealer for Landa Karcher Group and Karcher, we offer you a large selection of detergents that are effective, environmentally friendly and are ideal for industry, trade and food processing. Our detergents are formulated for our pressure washers and floor care machines to optimize cleaning results and reduce cleaning time. We offer our cleaning agents in 5 gallon to 55 gallon quantities so you can remove grease, grime, oils and dirt effectively and safely.

Just ask our staff. They’re knowledgeable and helpful, and more than happy to assist you with choosing the appropriate cleaning agent for your equipment and your cleaning needs. Some of our most popular detergents include:

General Purpose Cleaner - A low-foaming detergent for power washing around your home, shop, exterior walls, decks, driveways and roofs, as well as, machinery, equipment, cars and trucks. It’s Phosphate free and is safe to run through a pressure washer and for cleaning indoors or outdoors.

Heavy Duty Brown Degreaser - This popular cleaning agent is formulated for use on machinery and equipment for removing heavy daily oil, light grease, sand, mud and road film. This Phosphate free formula is safe for cleaning most heavy equipment, but should not be used on aluminum, magnesium or fine paint finishes.

Metal Paint and Pre Phosphatizer - Phosphatize iron and steel parts prior to painting with this Phosphate free agent. Effective in dip, wipe-on and spray applications, this economical agent works well in hard or soft water and rinses completely.

Fleet Wash Detergent - Phosphate free, this mild detergent is formulated to clean truck and buses’ exteriors, as well as, equipment and implements. It’s effective on grease, road film and smoke trails, and is a perfect pre-spray for cleaning engines, tires, vinyl and metal tops. It’s safe to use with a pressure washer and can be used on polished aluminum, glass, plastic, painted surfaces and stainless steel.

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