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As your local Gardner Denver dealer, we offer you Gardner Denver’s high-quality industrial equipment and technologies. A trusted global leader, Gardner Denver, holds numerous patents, utilizes advanced design, manufacturing and testing techniques, and rugged construction of all their equipment and accessories. We share their state-of-the-art equipment with you in our Gardner Denver pumps, Pressure-Trol valve assembly and water jetting accessories - known for the kind of reliability, serviceability and versatility that has led to increased efficiency and reduced waste.

Our Gardner Denver pumps, valve assemblies and accessories are state-of-art equipment backed by more than 150 years of field testing, development and expert manufacturing. They offer many innovative and patented features such as:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low maintenance cost and easy field maintenance
  • Critical components that are autofrettaged to increase product life
  • Centrally located controls for regulating pressure testing and bleeding off water
  • Quick change cartridges
  • Pre-setting pressure levels for customized set-up
  • And many more
High Pressure Pumps - are offered in either triplex or quintuplex plunger pump models. All our Gardner Denver pumps are stainless steel fluid construction, designed and tested rigorously to run continuously at full load, and most models offer Gardner Denver’s patented plunger quick-change conversion – that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Engineered for easy field maintenance and low maintenance cost, our pumps critical components are autofrettaged for increased product life, and many of our models are equipped with soft seated valves to increase the life of the valves and resistance to dirty water.

Download the Gardner Denver high pressure pumps brochure.

Pressure-Trol Valve Assembly - is designed specifically for hydrostatic testing of drilling pipe, production pipe, BOP, casing and tubing, and it’s designed to fit all high pressure pumps, including competitor’s pumps. This valve assembly is constructed of stainless steel, has a large control knob for ease of operation, safety lock, single hand charging valve and tool-free access to the replacement cartridge. The Pressure-Trol system offers many features, including single and multi-line vessel filling, kit and cartridge style repair kits, and its most notable feature is its two centrally located controls that allow an operator to regulate testing pressure and bleed off water without having to clutch the engine.
Download the Gardner Denver Pressure-Trol valve assembly brochure.
Water Jetting Accessories - include guns, unloaders, flow control and divider products, whip checks, water protection safety gear, backout preventers, controlled air pre-heater cleaning systems, lances, nozzles and stingers. All our Gardner Denver accessories are designed for the operator’s safety and ease-of-use, such as remote actuation for hands free control, pre-setting pressure levels for customized set-up, ergonomic handles and light-weight aluminum frames, right and left hand threaded lances and stingers, and many more.
Download the Denver Gardner Water jetting accessories brochure.


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